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The name is a paradox, but our message is clear:                                                      “Freedom. Truth. Equality.”                                                                 Our style is ’Luvz & Lulz’ - The best of both worlds, baby!  

CHEM-Trails versus CON-Trails

(hint: the CON is on you if you are fooled by this)

CHEM-Trails versus CON-Trails

Do you know when an airplane leaves white lines or trails behind them... you will see either one of 2 types of trails....  do you know what the difference is between them? : 

"Chem-Trails" (chemical trails behind an airplane - trails linger and stay from horizon to horizon. linger for hours or all day, spread out )


"Con-trails" (condensation trails behind an airplane - trails that quickly dissipate and completely dissapear - usually less than a kilometer in length - around a couple dozen plane lengths or less)

You can think of condensation trails as exactly the same as the white smoke left behind a car's muffler on a very cold day..  

- STAGE 1:  the air, water vapor (burnt fuel byproduct) and soot (Carbon - burnt fuel byproduct) leaving the muffler is very hot and also heats the ambient air and the moisture in the new air as well.  In this small area there is very high humidity due to an abundance of water vapor from the combustion process.  The carbon dust attracts the extra water vapor. Note that air is constantly being pushed from the exhaust outwards...  creating a warm air zone and at this point between the muffler and for a small distance afterward there is no visible smoke. 

- STAGE 2: But after the heated air from the exhaust moves beyond this small zone and the heat dissipates to the surrounding cold air, the carbon dust with extra water around it wants to normalize with the air around it and because the difference between the Very Hot air and the Very Cold air is so great that the water around the carbon molecules freezes almost instantly and creates microscopic water crystals that gives us the appearance of smoke.  Note that the colder the air the longer the smoke persists.   Also note that the crystals are only formed when the Heat Gradient is very large..  It's the speed of changing from HOT to COLD that creates the crystals..  not solely the the temperature of the outside air , otherwise there would very likely already be clouds or mist present 

- STAGE 3: After a while the crystals in the air float beyond the Stage 2 zone and continue to spread out and as the smoke travels along it is continually normalizing with the new surrounding air and so is the humidity content..   As the high concentration of air humidity travels to a low concentration of air humidity it will normalize and the eventually the individual crystals spread out and loose the appearance of smoke and the frozen crystals re-vaporize and re-normalize as the same state as the ambient air again.. 

This is the normal process that we have all easily observed with our own eyes at close distance with the exhaust of cars every winter.   Main take away from this is that the smoke(vapor) does not persist forever !!  It dissipates fairly quickly and does not stay in the air for a whole day , otherwise cars would not be able to drive in the winter at all if all the thousands of cars were to each leave their own constant smoke clouds in the streets !  You wouldn't even be able to see across the street if that were the case.  

Important Note:  This description above is my how I generally understand this subject in simple common sense terms.  I am not a scientist and don't claim to totally know everything about this subject.  The formation of persistent Contrails is actually a little complicated as there are several variables involved. There's the pressure (thus generally altitude), temperature, and relative humidity (RH) of the surrounding air, and the temperature, and humidity of the exhaust gas to take into account.

From some of the more technical stuff that i have read .... Many people have stated that If the RHI(relative humidity with respect to ice) is above 100% (approximately 70% RH), then a contrail will persist (and how long they persist is not even discussed). Contrails will certainly fade away very quickly if the humidity is below this level. The dryer the air, the quicker they will fade away.  And obviously the colder it is the longer that they can persist (at least -40 or colder). 

Some people also say that 70% RH is pretty rare (5 percent of the time) at 30000ft and above in most parts of the world and where aircraft fly

If you're seeing a lot of 'persistent contrails' you might ask why and investigate for yourself. One way of checking out for yourself is to get radiosonde data in a google search (for altitudes between 30 and 40 thousand feet, looking for RH at or above 70%, and temperature below -40 degrees) and get two radiosonde readings a day from numerous stations in your area and they will give you an idea. Have a look every day for a month if you really want to know. Log it - and calculate the percentage for your area.


NOW some people may say, "Big Deal"  and "who cares ?"  ... at the surface level both naturally forming contrails and unnatural forming chemtrails operate on a similar mechanism (which adds confusion to the debate) in that they both use a nucleus to start the process of turning a vapor into an ice crystal or cloud like material.   But that is where the similarity ends..

There are a couple big differences: 
-- Firstly, (poison to all life),
Carbon dust particulates are not harmful to human life on the planet ....  but nano-sized aluminum, barium, strontium and other heavy metals are toxic , not only to humans, but also poisonous to all animal life, ocean life and even plant life on earth , because nano-sized particles can get right into the cell, the basic building block of life.    
-- Secondly, (sunlight deprivation disrupts nature)
the persistant spread out hazy clouds block sunlight coming to the earth that obviously directly affects all plant life (via less photosythisis) and thus systemically all animal life on earth , as well as the direct production of Vitamin D in humans.  This can have huge unintended consequenses.
-- Thirdly, (destructive Military power potential - worse than nuclear weapons?)
these chemtrails in conjuction with the use of HAARP radio/energy wave technologies heating the nano-particulates in the air they can control the weather,  creating droughts, storms, direct the path of hurricanes etc.  This is nothing short of weather warfare against countries and the human population, not only creating direct weather damage but also creating variations in supply and demand for food and water , and this is a great tool for deploying ecenomic warefare..  hurting millions of innocent people for covert selfish reasons.  From a miltary point of view, if you really think about it, what covert entity would not want that level of power. The only question is worth asking is "do you think that it is possible to control the weather" ... because if it is at all possible , you know very well they WILL try to do it !!    .... and you have no futher than to look to the research they have done at Harvard on Geoengineering and all the patents and goverment documentation to know that it's not a fantasy.